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Available on the UK vintage Radio Forum


Beitrag von M1ECY » Sa 30. Nov 2019, 11:29

Hello All, here is a copy of a list of available Teleprinter stuff for sale in England.

I have agreed to purchase some items, but there are still some things available.

A Creed 7B with soundproof cover, £60.

Creed 75 RO, with manual, £60 Sean Reserved

Creed 7B/N3 no cover, £60

Two of Creed 7E/RP neither with covers, £150 each

Creed 47B/N3 (telegram printer) with soundproof cover, no paper reel spools, £150

Two of Siemens TGQ11 dot matrix teleprinter, £25 each

Siemens T1000V with punch and reader, £25 Sean Reserved

Three of Trend 612 Clansman reader punch, 588 unit, 300 baud, will read and punch 1” and 11/16” tape, RS232, £40 each

Creed 1/T morse code printer, £300

Several of the Trend 1A/2A message generators and message checkers, £30 each

Telegraphy by Freebody, £40 Sean Reserved

Telegraphy by Herbert, 1916, 1938 and 1947, all three for £40

RSGB teleprinter books, both editions, poor condition, both for £12

Reels of 11/16" paper tape, £6 each

Reels of 1" paper tape, £12 each

Rolls of paper, seems to be all 2 part, £8 roll

Service manual for Sagem SPE 5A-S teleprinter, £12

Two of US Army TM11 teleprinter books, £12 for both

If there is any interest, please let me know
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