Taking I-Telex on the road in 2022 (UK)

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Taking I-Telex on the road in 2022 (UK)


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Probably a very long shot - I am planning on taking I-Telex on the road in 2022.

Planning on taking up a stand at The National Hamfest on 14 and 15 October 2022 at the Newark Showground.

There is some on site camping available and I currently plan to take a T68, Creed 444 (if DC is working) and maybe a T100z or perhaps the FS200 or T1000 (UK Spec if working)

I fully realise that getting support from our German members will be an expensive proposition (much like our travelling to DL from the UK)

Is anyone interested in getting involved?

May be a complete waste of time, but this will be a first public outing in the UK.

I will cover the costs of booking the stand and the power supply - there will be some spare "assistance passes" for the stand.

Come on, anyone fancy a couple of days playing with Telex machines and talking to hopefully like minded individuals?
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