change speed of Siemens T-1000 to 60 wpm

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change speed of Siemens T-1000 to 60 wpm


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W2HX helped me with some information on getting the unit to work with 45.45 baud.
There is a DIP oscillator crystal on the front PCB upper left. If we change this to a different frequency then we can copy 45.45 baud

I believe the crystal frequency should be 2.61792 MHz
Will this work ?

Ideally I would want to copy 45.45 baud (60 wpm) and 100 wpm
If I change the crystal so it works for 60 wpm, how will this affect the speed switch on the T-1000 ?
In a perfect world I would set the switch to 50 wpm and it would actually copy 60 wpm, and then if I set the switch to to 100 wpm it would copy 100 wpm.
If that does not work for both speeds I could wire up a small switch with relays to switch between the 2 chips

the part number at the Digikey supplier is: ... -AN/502317

Digikey will program the frequency

Please give your expert advice

Thanks Fred

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change speed of Siemens T-1000 to 60 wpm


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The only way to change the speed of the T1000 is by changing the clock crystal - The DIP switches on the interface cards are only for setting the machine program characteristics, not for speed.

The international standard for TELEX is 50bd - This is why machines need to be adjusted to 45bd for Amateur RTTY use.

I cannot help you with exactly how to have the new crystal produced - I have never used 45bd, and have never converted a T1000 to do so.

Sorry I cannot be of more help
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