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A little side project.....


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Morning all,

For many years I have had interest in "Cold War Bunkers", or in the case of the site I will discuss here, one of our Regional Government Headquarters.

When the Cold War "ended", the UK had a number of these facilities, nearly all built on farmland that was purchased under government order.

So, in the mid 1990s, these facilities were decommissioned, all the easily removable items were taken out and disposed of as scrap.

The original land owners were offered first refusal on buying back their land, and anything that was built on it.

Over the years, some of these facilities have been converted to Museums, this one, I think was the first.

I had initially spoken with the owners regarding the teleprinters, and perhaps getting something going to allow a functional demonstration of machines, this is still very much an aim, and perhaps one day get one or two onto the I-Telex network.

However, there is so much equipment in this bunker, that isn't working, the owner asked if I could perhaps also help with the bunker internal phone system - this is taken care of by an early 80s electronic PBX.

Sat next to this PBX is something that will be much more of a challenge - See a couple of pictures below :) I think I have some years of work ahead of me.....
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