A new forum member introduces himself

Hier kann jeder eine kurze Vorstellung über sich verfassen ...

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A new forum member introduces himself


Beitrag von espectral » Sa 28. Jul 2018, 13:13

Greetings from Spain, more accurately from Tarragona, in Segur de Calafell.

Apologize for not writing in German but I have many difficulties with the language of Goethe.

I have registered in this forum looking for technical information for some machines, that having stopped them for a long time, do not work well (Siemens T1000S). Thanks to the information obtained, I am on my way to repair it, but it will take time.

I am a physical chemist, I worked for many years in high school but now I am retired (62 years old).

My big hobby is electronics, especially the issue of utilitarian emissions, I dedicated myself to receiving RTTY for a long time and now I want to return to the same path.

I was a military communications operator, like my father who was in the Blue Division.

I have a lot of documentation, which from this moment, is available to anyone who may need it.

Well, I must finish, I greet all the members of this forum, and wait for my knowledge to be of help to someone.

Greetings and see you soon.


PSD. My nickname, "espectral", is because of my fondness for the spectral analysis of the signals of utilitarian emissions.


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Re: A new forum member introduces himself


Beitrag von FeTAp616 » Sa 28. Jul 2018, 15:46

Hi Joaquin, wellcome to the Forum!

I hope you get your teleprinter repaired.



we also struggle sometimes "with the language of Goethe." :-) So English is very wellcome.


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Re: A new forum member introduces himself


Beitrag von 380170JFK » Sa 28. Jul 2018, 18:05

Hi Joaquin, you finally made it, welcome in our rattling world :thumbup:

As I stated in my mail before, here in this community you are not alone with your problems.
There are several specialist to help you out with the T1000s issues.

Have a nice time in this forum.
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