New Telex Station under test

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New Telex Station under test


Beitrag von kerk1v »

Hello dear I-Telexers,

Allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Volker, I am german but have been living in Spain since my childhood. I currently live in Benalmadena near Málaga in southern Spain.

So, the international I-Telex community has a new member. I am currently waiting for delivery of my I-Telex system, but I have managed to connect my teletype (a spanish Siemens T-1000 with double current) via PiTelex, and it will be operating 24/7 for testing.

The I-Telex number is 48822 sama e, and I appreciate and will answer to any received signals.

You can write to me in English, Spanish, French, Catalan and of course in German. I am also able to understand (but not answer) in Romanian, Dutch and Italian.

A good start of the week to all, and best regards.
Folgende Benutzer bedankten sich beim Autor kerk1v für den Beitrag:
Volker, Benalmádena, Spanien
48822 sama e - Siemens T1000
61858 kli e (an PiTelex, nur Ausnahmsweise benutzen!)
AFu-Call: EA7KLK

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