Paul / 80003 / Arvada Colorado

... und hier kann der eigene "Fuhrpark" präsentiert werden.

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Paul / 80003 / Arvada Colorado


Beitrag von PaulHeller »

Here I will post the machines located in Arvada, Colorado. Another thread in the future will post machines at other locations.

Teletype Model 32 / 80003 / 80003 W2TTY
This is the first machine I put on i-Telex. It is the main machine at 80003. It is a model 32 that I obtained from Wayne Durkee, a Teletype Repair Man who still repairs and refurbished Teletype model 32 and 33 machines. He's a real expert on the machines. I put my own answer back in this machine as it did not have one, so I do not know the history.

Lorenz 15c / 468466 / 468466 expt d
I acquired this machine many years ago from a person who got it from the original US company that brought it to the US. This person never used it. I was told that the machine was brought to the US to communicate with the headquarters in Germany and that it was never put into service one it arrived in the US. I have no way to verify that information. I just this past week got it working again. The most challenging part was setting the motor speed with a tuning fork.

Henning did the research and found it in a 1972 TELEX directory:

Expert Maschinenbau GmbH
Seehofstr. 56
6143 Lorsch
Tx 468466 expt d

And the company still exists:

Folgende Benutzer bedankten sich beim Autor PaulHeller für den Beitrag (Insgesamt 10):
80003 - Teletype Model 32. Usually on.
468466 - Lorenz 15C. Usually on.


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